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Protocol and Practice of Persons Appearing in the Court of Commissioner Lisa M. Roberts << return to previous page
Specific Comments or Advice for Litigants Specific Requirements or Preferences • Litigants may not email, or telephone me directly; please work through my judicial assistant for all matters of inquiry.
Pre-Trial Practice and Management Issues Motion Practice • Hard copies of all pleadings should be delivered to the division as a courtesy. Other Pre-trial Practice Guidelines or Comments • Litigants must follow the direction given to them regarding alternative dispute resolution, including submitting a settlement conference report in advance of the settlement conference.  
• Settlement conferences, and orders of protection, are not conducted telephonically. I will consider written requests to appear telephonically for other matters, but such requests must be submitted in advance, and permission will be granted on a case by case basis.
Trial Practice and Protocol Trial Schedule • This Court does not work through the lunch period, or past 5:00pm.  
• Party accommodations must be requested. Cases involving interpreters will be given priority.
Trial Practice and Procedure • Technology is limited within the courtroom. Counsel may bring their own equipment, or must be prepared to present without such devices. Courtroom Etiquette • My courtroom is lacking a podium, so counsel should not rely one being available for presentation purposes.
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