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Specific Comments or Advice for Litigants Specific Requirements or Preferences 1. Always, and I mean always, treat my staff with courtesy and respect. The staff is an extension of the Judge, and I expect them to be treated the same as you would treat the Judge.  
2. Be on time. The Court will start the clock at the scheduled time, whether the parties are present or not.  
3. Budget your time and finish on time. Except in extraordinary circumstances, you will be held to your time, even if you are in the middle of cross-examination.  
4. Bench copies are required from both parties for all trials/evidentiary hearings. It is mandatory that the exhibits in your bench book contain the same numbers as the exhibits marked by the Clerk. I have no preference as to the bench copy formats (binders, stapled, clipped). I will return binders to the parties after the hearing.  
5. Before filing a motion, always contact the other side for their position, and then include that position in your motion. This will often avoid delay in the Courts ruling, especially if it is of a time-sensitive nature.  
6. Always submit a form of Order with your Motion.  
7. I will not grant blanket admission of all trial exhibits. You will need to separately introduce all documents that are relevant to your case.  
8. Your RMC statements and pre-trial/pre-hearing statements are important to the Court. The only pleadings the Court usually has are the Petitions and Responses. Your statements need to inform the Court of any settlements, and provide the current positions being taken by the parties.  
9. If you settle your case, notify the Court immediately, preferably by a stipulated notice of settlement, so that the Court can vacate any upcoming hearings.  
10. If you hand file your pleadings, make sure the Court gets a conformed copy. Otherwise, we may not know that you have filed something, which will contribute to a delay in ruling on your pleading. If you e-file your pleadings, there is no need to provide the Court with a conformed copy.  
11. For self-represented litigants, I strongly urge you to review the following website that provides tremendous information on preparing your case for trial: acesdv.org. Go to Resources, Publication & Resources, ACESDV Legal Assistance, Legal Assistance, Family Law, How to Represent Yourself in Family Court.  
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