Arizona Lengthy Trial Fund - Rules for Eligibility

In an effort to reduce the financial burden on jurors who serve on extended trials, the Arizona Legislature established the Arizona Lengthy Trial Fund (ALTF). The fund is designed to replace unpaid earnings for a juror who serves on a trial that lasts six days or more. A trial day is any day a juror is required to report to the courthouse for service.

Compensation for Eligible Jurors

Qualified jurors who serve six or more days may be compensated as follows:

  • $12 county-paid jury fee
  • mileage reimbursement
  • earnings replacement or supplementation (between $28 and $300/day) from the ALTF

Depending on local practice, jurors may receive this compensation on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, other periodic basis, or after jury service is completed.

Effective November 5, 2012

You may be eligible for additional monies for your jury service if you have to be in court for jury service for more than five court business days, AND one of the following describes you:

a. You are retired or unemployed.


b. You are employed and can show the Court you are losing income while serving as a juror.

If you match one of those choices above, and wish to receive the additional monies, please ask your bailiff about the Arizona Lengthy Trial Fund.

Jurors not eligible to receive monies from the Arizona Lengthy Trial Fund will still receive $12 plus mileage reimbursement for each day of their service.

Retired or unemployed

Jurors who are unemployed or retired can receive ALTF supplemental compensation in the amount of $28/day. Receipt of spousal maintenance, pension, retirement, unemployment compensation, disability benefits, or other similar income does not preclude a juror from receiving this supplemental compensation.

Upon the sixth day of trial you can receive $40 plus your mileage reimbursement for each day of your service. This is retroactive to the first day of trial and continues through the end of the trial.

Employed with demonstrable loss of income

Upon the sixth day of trial you can be reimbursed for your demonstrated daily loss, up to $300, plus your mileage reimbursement, for each day of your service. This is retroactive to the first day of trial and continues through the end of the trial. If your income or loss of income changes you must notify the jury office immediately. Any over payments due to unreported income or miscalculations will be pursued for repayment. Learn more about compensation for loss of employment income.

A completed application and documentation of lost income must be received and notarized by the Office of the Jury Commissioner within 30 days of the last day of jury service. The application form is available from Jury staff.

For more information please contact the Jury Office and ask for the Arizona Lengthy Trial Fund Coordinator or email your questions to


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