Mediators Roster Disclaimer

The Mediator Roster is a resource for people who want help with their legal situation. The information provided comes from the mediators, and is not changed in any way by the Court.

The Court assumes no responsibility for the quality of the professional services of individuals on the Court Rosters. Persons who meet the qualifications and conditions of participation for the Court Rosters must qualify for enrollment on the Court Rosters.

The mediators on the Court Rosters are not agents of the Court, and all services and activities of these individuals are conducted independently of the Court.

All arrangements for appointments, cancellations, payment of fees, termination of service, and other related matters of service quality and delivery are between the mediator and the client. The Court is not responsible or liable for any aspect of the service delivery.

All discussion of fees for services, determination of specific fees, and written agreements on fees to be paid are the responsibility of the mediator and the client. The Court does not and will not determine the appropriateness of any fee for service.


Emelda Dailey
ADR Program Coordinator
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