Proposed Local Rule Change

There has been a proposal to change local

  • Rule 2.16. Size of Print
  • Rule 2.18. Motions, Pleadings, and Other Documents
  • Rule 2.19. Sealing or Redacting Court Records
  • Rule 2.20. Unsealing Court Records
  • Rule 3.2. Civil Motions; Stipulations, Notices of Settlement, and Proposed Forms of Order
  • Rule 3.4. Setting Cases for Trial and Postponements
  • Rule 3.6. Dismissals for Failure of Prosecution
  • Rule 3.11. Mandatory Settlement Conferences
  • Rule 3.12. Complex Civil Litigation Program
  • Rule 3.13. Applications for Garnishment, Continuing Lien, Judgment Against Garnishee

You have 30 days to review and comment on this proposal.

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