Additional Recruitment Videos

Hear how Probation Officers working for the Adult Probation Department find making positive changes in the communities you live in rewarding.

Get a glimpse into how our Probation Officers work to support and encourage behavior change in the probationers they supervise and engage with.  The most important thing with a probationer is building trust and helping them understand the behaviors they need to overcome. 

Ever wonder what type of training Probation Officers receive?  Take a look at some of the tools our Probation Officers are equipped with that help them deal with real life situations.  In this video you will see how officers receive various types of training from safety -- to maximizing the quality of their interactions with their probationers.

Being a Probationer Officer is a job that's rewarding, challenging and creates a sense of satisfaction.  Find out what it takes to become an effective probation officer by listening to what some of our Probation Officers have to say.  

Want to make a positive impact in a person's life by teaching them to develop skills in decision making or problem solving? Find out what some of the tools our Probation Officers use to better the lives of probationers. 

Did you know there are many different opportunities within the Adult Probation Department that our officers can experience during their careers with the Superior Court? Find out what opportunities await you as a Probation Officer.

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Adult Probation Chief
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