Frequently Asked Questions

Probation Offices are located around the valley. Please click on the link provided for locations.

At the initial interview, the probation officer will need:

  • a copy of the Conditions of Probation
  • any other paperwork from the Court
  • your photo identification

At subsequent meeting with the probation officer, be prepared to bring:

  • your pay stub
  • verification of residence (lease agreement or utility bill in your name)
  • any other paperwork as requested by the probation officer


Unless the probationer is documented retired, disabled, or a student, he/she is required to work while on probation.

In general, IPS probationers must complete 40 hours of community service per month. People on probation for drug offenses may be required by law to perform a specific number of community service hours. The judge can order any number of community service hours he/she feels is appropriate based on the nature of the offense. The number of hours per month can be designated by the judge or by the probation officer.

A lot of community restitution projects include clean-up projects (neighborhood clean up, probation office janitorial work) but can include other projects. A list is available from the Community Restitution Program.

If the probationer meets specific criteria (generally a verified residence, employment, and support network), he/she can be considered to transfer supervision to another state. It is ultimately up to the receiving state, however, if they will agree to take the probationer. If the receiving state denies the request for out of state supervision, the probationer must remain in Arizona for supervision.

Victims should contact the Victim Services Unit for the current probation officer's contact information. The victim should also keep their contact information current with VSU so that if the PO needs to contact the victim, the information is available.

Upon completion of probation, the individual can obtain forms from the Motor Vehicle Division to apply for license reinstatement.

Because it is likely that if you were driving while under the influence of alcohol, you have a drinking problem. At the very least you probably need some sort of educational program. Finally, not drinking while on probation makes it unlikely for you to repeat your actions while under probation supervision.

All persons who have been convicted of an offense under Chapter 14 or Chapter 38 of Arizona Revised Statutes must register with the sheriff's office in the county where they reside. Within 3 days of changing address, the offender must advise the sheriff's office of the change of address.

Adult offenders (those 18 and over) are registered for life. Juvenile offenders (those under 18) are registered until age 25.

He/She can be charged with failure to register as a sex offender, a class 4 felony. This carries a potential prison term.

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Contact the probation department general information number; ask for the officer's supervisor's contact information. A complaint can be made in writing, in person, or by phone. All allegations are investigated.

There are a number of public parking garages in the downtown area that charge to park; there are also a limited number of parking meters. Members of the public are encouraged to plan ahead and arrive early to find suitable parking.

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