Intensive Probation Supervision

Individuals sentenced to Intensive Probation Supervision (IPS) are provided an enhanced level of supervision and engagement with their probation officer through the increased contacts the program requires. The probation officer monitors the individuals on IPS by conducting frequent visits to their residence, employment, and treatment locations.  The frequency of contacts may be reduced as the individual moves through the IPS levels. An individual who successfully engages and demonstrates progress with the requirements of the IPS Program earns the opportunity to transition to Standard Probation upon approval from the Court.

Typical Probationer Characteristics

  • Probation eligible felony offenses
  • Assessed as a high risk on OST/FROST
  • Risk factors identified on the risk assessment would benefit from the enhanced supervision of the program

 Program Characteristics

  • All IPS conditions are in addition to the Standard Conditions of Probation
  • Immediate referral to services to promote stability and provide assistance
  • Fosters a commitment to positive behavior change through the development of cognitive and life-skills to decrease the impact of each individual's risk factors
  • Family and support system involvement
  • Ongoing employment monitoring
  • Targeted treatment resources based on individualized needs


Ted Milham
Chief of Supervision Services
Contact Adult Probation

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