Intensive Probation Supervision

Probationers placed on Intensive Probation Supervision (IPS) are under house arrest and are monitored by teams consisting of two  Probation Officers. The team monitors the offenders by conducting frequent field visits to probationer residences, employments, and treatment locations. The frequency of contacts may be reduced as the probationer moves through the IPS phases. Probationers are required by statute to be employed, to submit their paychecks to Intensive Probation Supervision, and to complete a certain number of community restitution hours each month. A probationer who successfully completes the rigorous IPS Program is then graduated to Standard Probation.

Typical Probationer Characteristics

  • Probation eligible
  • Repeat offender
  • Higher risk level
  • In need of close supervision
  • Probationer has been unsuccessful on Standard Probation

Program Characteristics

  • Random 24 hours monitoring of probationer's schedule and compliance with terms of IPS, 365 days a year
  • Direct field supervision by IPS team
  • Corrective and cognitive intervention by IPS team
  • All IPS conditions are in addition to the Standard Conditions of Probation
  • Compulsory surrender of all paychecks with priority payments to victims of the offense and other court obligations; Financial management counseling
  • Temporary Shelter
  • Family involvement; ongoing employer contact
  • Education assignment monitoring
  • Short term residential and outpatient treatment

Ted Milham
Chief of Supervision Services
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