Standard Probation

Probationers under Standard Probation Supervision are supervised according to their risk to re-offend. Based on the Court-ordered Conditions of Probation as well as completed assessments, referrals are made to internal and community providers for needed services such as substance use treatment, employment services, and education needs. By targeting areas that have contributed to criminal behavior, Probation Officers are able to assist probationers in effecting positive behavior change.  Attendance and progress in treatment is monitored closely to ensure that intervention reduces risk to re-offend.

Typical Probationer Characteristics

  • In need of varying levels of supervision
  • Often in need of specialized treatment
  • Isolated from family/community
  • Limited financial resources
  • Low educational level
  • Anti-social attitudes
  • Low job skills

Program Characteristics

  • Reporting instructions ordered for field/office visits, and community treatment
  • Financial responsibility fostered, including payment for restitution, fines, assessments, reimbursement, and probation service fees
  • Appropriate placement in community programs of assistance, counseling and/or therapy
  • Drug use prohibited and monitored
  • Supervision level is tied to overall risk to re-offend

Ted Milham
Chief of Supervision Services
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