Victim Compensation

In Arizona, fees paid by convicted felons fund Victim Compensation. The state, through local boards, disburses compensation to eligible victims of crime.

Compensation you can apply for:

  1. Lost wages due to related injuries and/or attending court proceedings.
  2. Medical expenses, including co pays and mileage to health appointments
  3. Funeral expenses
  4. Counseling costs

You may be eligible if you meet the following criteria:

  1. Victimized in Maricopa County
  2. Report the crime to a police agency within 72 hours
  3. Willing to cooperate with law enforcement agencies
  4. Incur economic loss for the expenses listed above
  5. Suffer physical injury, extreme mental distress or the death of a family member as a direct result of the crime
  6. File an application with Victim Compensation Bureau within two years of the date of the crime

Compensation will not cover:

  1. Property loss or damage
  2. Pain and suffering
  3. Attorney fees
  4. Expenses that would benefit an offender
  5. A person serving a term of incarceration, including home arrest or work furlough

A victim may still apply for victim compensation, even if restitution is pending or already ordered. If it is determined that part of the expenses were ordered in restitution and paid by Victim Compensation, Victim Compensation can make a restitution claim against the defendant. For more information, visit theĀ Maricopa County Attorney website.

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