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The court or the CASA of Maricopa County program may appoint a CASA volunteer upon its own initiative. A request for an appointment of a CASA volunteer to a case or for a child(ren) may also be made by any person or agency having knowledge of facts which indicate that a CASA volunteer may be appropriate.

Please fill out the form below to initiate a request for the appointment of a CASA volunteer. Once submitted, the program will screen the case and, if deemed appropriate, will place the child(ren) on a wait list of the highest priority. Due to the nature of the program and the shortage of volunteers, CASA of Maricopa County cannot guarantee that all referred cases will receive a CASA volunteer. No correspondence will be exchanged as to the status of a referred case.

Child Information
The first name of the child
The last name of the child
The date the child was born
The case number associated with the child
The current location of the child
Referral Contact
The first name of the person making the referral
The last name of the person making the referral
The agency of the referral contact
The 10-digit telephone number of the referral contact
The email address of the person to contact
Describe the circumstances that motivated the referral
To ensure that a person, not a robot, is completing this form, please enter any 3 letters and any 3 numbers. Enter 3 letters and 3 numbers in the format LLL###

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