Probation Departments Celebrate National Recognition Week

by Clara Colmenero

PHOENIX (July 20, 2022) – During the week of July 17-23, the Adult and Juvenile Probation Departments, part of the Judicial Branch of Arizona in Maricopa County, will join an effort to celebrate National Pretrial, Probation and Parole Supervision Week. This year’s theme, “Restoring Trust, Creating Hope” highlights how probation employees are working to support and encourage behavior change that will lead to crime reduction and make the community a safer place.

“Community corrections is one of the most effective strategies to enhance public safety,” said Chief Adult Probation Officer Michael Cimino. “We are grateful to see these professionals honored this week as they provide exceptional service to our Court and populations we supervise, provide the necessary accountability, and continually offer hope by giving individuals opportunities to make positive changes. We are fortunate in Maricopa County to have the Adult and Juvenile Probation Departments serving our residents. We could not be prouder of them and the work they do.”

Treating people with dignity and respect are values both adult and juvenile probation staff employ to support those under supervision and resource the Court. Officers work to help individuals achieve positive behavior changes while holding them accountable for their actions. They also coordinate with service providers and offer information to those needing resources in the community such as substance abuse counseling, employment and housing assistance. Probation officers provide important information to the court about justice involved individuals, and work with crime victims. Pretrial officers monitor and offer assistance to individuals with pending charges. Surveillance officers provide supportive casework services and help monitor and meet with those on supervision in the field. They also help connect them to positive development activities and community and behavioral supports. A juvenile detention officer’s role is to keep detained youth safe and ensure they are following a daily schedule during their time in Detention.

This important work could not be done without the various support staff who work in the Departments. These individuals work to ensure the officers have the support they need to enhance public safety. These invaluable staff include probation dispatchers, data analysts, probation administration assistants, collectors, counselors, teachers and many more.

“The Juvenile Probation Department of the Superior Court in Maricopa County recognizes all the men and women providing critical public safety services to the residents of the fourth largest county, which includes over 600,000 youth between the ages of 8-17,” said Chief of Juvenile Probation Eric Meaux. “As a leader in youth-oriented juvenile justice services, the department provides public safety, enhancing case management and supervision services to over 2,500 juveniles annually within the community. In addition, over 5,000 juveniles are responsibly diverted from formal court involvement with age-appropriate accountability and services. These activities hold juveniles accountable while preserving public resources for other necessary services and meeting our community’s needs. Juvenile justice services work in Maricopa County – thanks to our community corrections professionals.”

The Adult Probation Department serves a population of more than 46,000 people, while the Juvenile Probation Department had 1,929 youth placed on probation in 2020. During the pandemic, both departments worked to provide virtual access to programs that encourage and provide hope to those under supervision.

“Research shows that thinking controls your behavior, so I try to help them develop the skill of decision making or problem-solving,” said Adult Probation Officer Lisa Brooks. “For me, it’s about helping people and changing their lives and I think if I can do that then it’s a good day.”

More than 1,100 Adult Probation Department staff are employed by the Judicial Branch in Maricopa County, while the Juvenile Probation Department employs over 600 staff.

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