Support Enforcement

Support Enforcement Court is designed for parties seeking to enforce a current child, or Spousal support order, arrears, medical insurance coverage, and uninsured medical expenses. Upon filing a Petition to Enforce, parties will receive an Order to Appear from the Family Court Conference Center for a one-hour conference and a subsequent 45-minute evidentiary hearing before a judicial officer. They will meet with a Conference Officer to review the pertinent documentation and try to reach an agreement. If an agreement is reached during the conference, it will be memorialized as a written stipulation and signed by a Judicial Officer before the parties leave the courthouse.

If there is no agreement, or if only some issues are resolved, the parties will appear at an evidentiary hearing immediately after the conference at which they will receive a final order from a Judicial Officer. Because a Judicial Officer will enter a final order the same day as the conference and hearing, there will be no delays experienced.


In leiu of party filing an another petition for enforcement of support, Support Enforcement Court may make orders for future monitoring of the parties compliance when appropriate For a period not to exceed 12 months.


If Support Enforcement Court determines that case needs long term monitoring due to repeated violations, and or accumulation of large arrearages amounts; the case may be referred to Accountability Court.

Click here to determine if your case is eligible for Accountability Court.


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