Family Lawyers Assistance Project

For People Representing Themselves in Family Court
Sponsored by the Volunteer Lawyers Program and Community Legal Service
Volunteer Lawyers Provide Legal Advice in Family Law Matters

For information about scheduling an appointment with Family Lawyers Assistance Project, (FLAP) at our various locations, please call our central office: 602-506-7948
or visit our main office at:

Phoenix Superior Court
201 W. Jefferson, 6th Floor, FLAP Check-in Window

Normal Office Hours to Schedule Appointments
Monday through Thursday
9:00 AM-12:00 PM and 1:30 PM-4:00 PM

  • Please read the instructions posted at the FLAP check-in window- then you will receive an appointment for a future time; OR, for easy access, call the central office phone number at 602-506-7948.
  • Stand-by appointments may be an option for cases determined to be emergencies, and based on attorney availability.
  • Clients are encouraged to bring their own interpreters to FLAP appointments in case there are insufficient bi-lingual attorneys at that time.
  • Attorneys provide instructions, advice and check forms filled out by clients, but are unable to provide complete document preparation services due to time limitations.
  • If staff is unavailable when you arrive to schedule an appointment, please follow instructions and complete the intake form. Then place it in the appropriate slot. Staff will call you on the phone to schedule your appointment. Thank you.

The ½-hour consultations are free to eligible clients.
There is a $40 cash fee for those who do not meet eligibility.

Please note: FLAP Is Not A Walk-in Program. By Appointment Only.
Clients are encouraged to use FLAP as often as necessary. Free Representation is not available. Clients may discuss the possibility of hiring the attorney during their meeting. Financial arrangements discussed between client and attorney is not associated with the FLAP program. FLAP volunteers may not always be available. For additional help, call Lawyer Referral Service: 602-257-4434.



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Law Library Resource Center Administrator
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