Participation in Homeless Court

Participation in Homeless Court requires that:

  • You don't have any active felony warrants.
  • You don't have any criminal charges with mandatory sentencing provisions or charges where a victim has invoked their rights.
  • You must either have income (employment or benefits), have applied for benefits, or be actively looking for employment.
  • You must be actively enrolled in a program with a qualified provider and have completed (or be near completion) with all program/case plan requirements.
  • You have to be in regular contact with your case manager and your case manager must confirm that you are no longer "living a homeless lifestyle" and you are not likely to be arrested for "quality of life" offenses.
  • A criminal background check must be performed (Homeless Court Coordinator will perform this).

Read these success highlights to see how Homeless Court has improved these individuals lives.

Karen Sadler
Maricopa County
Regional Homeless Court Coordinator

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