Policy on Use of Empty Courtrooms and Facilities

The courtrooms and related interior court space in any Maricopa County courthouse or justice court, including jury rooms and courthouse hallways, are to be used to conduct judicial proceedings in a dignified and solemn fashion. Use of these facilities for non-judicial purposes, such as a backdrop to provide an air of respect, endorsement or heightened credibility to a news story, news commentary, promotion, broadcast or advertisement is normally contrary to this purpose.

Requests for use of empty courtrooms and areas immediately adjacent thereto, including jury rooms and hallways, shall be submitted in writing to the Media Relations Department Office. The appropriate judicial officer shall then be contacted by the Media Relations Department Office for written approval or rejection of the request. All requests will receive prompt consideration.

Rule 122, Supreme Court rules, which provides guidelines for electronic and photographic coverage of public judicial proceedings, does not expressly apply to public and media use of court facilities when judicial proceedings are not in progress. This policy, which is consistent with Rule 122, is intended to address this issue and provide guidance to the media and the judiciary when access is requested. This policy will also foster further cooperation and understanding between the media and the court.


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