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Training for Judges Pro Tempore in ADR

Alternative Dispute Resolution Judge Pro Tempore Family Settlement Conference Program

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The A-Z's of Mediating Families with a History of Domestic Violence (November 10, 2020)

Presented by Abbie L. Godles, J.D, M.S.

Abbie Godles walks through how families with a history of domestic violence can both pursue mediation and succeed in it. She starts with identifying domestic violence through screening, discusses the importance of analyzing the specific history of domestic violence within a given family, and offers practice tips and suggestions for adapting the mediation process and structuring agreements on children’s issues to overcome the respective history of domestic violence.

 Abbie L. Godles received her J.D. from Roger Williams University School of Law and her M.S. in Forensic Psychology, with an emphasis in Family Violence, from Walden University. She uses her training and education in both law and psychology to help her navigate difficult and sensitive issues for her clients. With a unique approach that includes a focus on holistic outcomes, Abbie seeks to provide workable solutions in both the litigation and mediation arenas for her clients, and strives to empower her clients while advocating for them during litigation and supporting their self-determination during mediation.

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What every family court Judge Pro Tem needs to know about the new Child Support Guidelines (December 13, 2021)

Presented by Judge Bruce Cohen, Maricopa County Superior Court Judge

Child Support Guidelines - 2021 Report and Recommendations

Child Support Guidelines - 2022

Arizona's New Child Support Guidelines - 2022 Bench Presentation

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On Becoming a More Effective Mediator/Negotiator (March 18, 2016)

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Alternative Dispute Resolution Judge Pro Tempore Mediation Training (February 12, 2020)




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Important Forms for Judge Pro Tempore Professionals in Alternative Dispute Resolution

Forms for attorneys appointed as Judges Pro Tempore in Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Important Forms for Judge Pro Tem Professionals in ADR

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