Externship Overview

The Superior Court of Arizona in Maricopa County invites enrolled law school students interested in learning about the Superior Court system to apply for a judicial externship. 

This program offers a unique experience and valuable exposure to the role and functions of the fourth-largest trial court in the nation. Externs can apply to the civil, criminal, family, juvenile, tax, or probate benches. The judicial externships are unpaid, and Externs are encouraged to pursue academic credit through their institutions of study. The externships are offered during the fall, spring, or summer semesters. 

The Judicial externship is intended for law students. If you are not a law student and personally know a Judicial Officer on the Maricopa County Superior Court, you may contact that Judicial Officer directly about a possible externship with that Judicial Officer

For an externship during the fall or spring semester please contact the HR Special Programs Coordinator to discuss availability 

Summer Externship Program

  • Each extern will be paired with one or more “host” judicial officers. The extern and their paired judicial officer(s) will determine the dates and length of the externship. 
  • Participate in formal court-wide programs that are offered in June and July. Each week of the summer's formal extern program will feature a different court department, with an introductory "brown bag" presentation, followed by highlighted court observation opportunities, and occasional follow-up Q&A sessions with the judicial officers holding the presentation.
  • Externs will have the opportunity to work with and receive feedback from judicial officer(s) on various written research projects, as determined by the judicial officer.  The extern's assigned judicial officer(s) may also identify additional observation opportunities. 


How to Apply

Interested students can apply by completing the form below and uploading a current resume. All externs will need to complete a background check. 

Please indicate in the message box below if you are interested in externing with a specific Judicial Officer or bench (criminal, family, civil, juvenile, probate, tax) 

An externship with the Superior Court is an unpaid educational opportunity that provides the extern training similar to that which would be given in an educational environment.  An externship is conducted without entitlement to a paid job at the conclusion of the externship.  The primary purpose of the Summer Extern Program is to provide each extern with exposure to and an understanding of Court operations. Externs will also be required to provide their own laptops.


For questions regarding internships, please contact:

Shelby Hudgins

HR Special Programs Coordinator




All Judicial Branch offers of employment are contingent upon passing a thorough background/fingerprint check. Applicants must completely and fully answer any questions regarding felony and misdemeanor convictions including any convictions that have been expunged or set aside. Failure to include criminal history information is grounds for revoking offer of employment. A conviction may not automatically disqualify an applicant.

Multiple documents may be uploaded if necessary. Hold down the "Ctrl" button on keyboard and click on documents you wish to upload.
To ensure that a person, not a robot, is completing this form, please enter any 3 letters and any 3 numbers. Enter 3 letters and 3 numbers in the format LLL###