Guardianship Requirements

The petitioner must serve legal notice of the guardianship petition on the person who primarily cared for the minor in the last 60 days, any living parent, and the minor if they are 14 or older. Title 14 Guardianships (JG) are separate from dependency actions but may lead to a dependency petition if contested. There is a filing fee paid to the Clerk of the Court, but fee deferrals can be requested. Usually, relatives file petitions for guardianship, but if the petitioner is unrelated, they must be fingerprinted.

About Juvenile Court Guides

The Juvenile Court Guide, a Court Administration staff member, will meet with petitioners prior to filing a petition for guardianship or emancipation.

The Juvenile Court Guide will be available to help petitioners seeking guardianships and emancipations ensure that their petition and paperwork are filled out as accurately and thoroughly as possible without dispensing legal advice.

The Juvenile Court Guide will also help answer any questions regarding the Court's requirements and procedures pertaining to guardianship or emancipation.

The role of the Court Guide is to help prevent delay and enhance access to the Court.

Important Information for Title 14 Guardians

The Superior Court of Maricopa County will no longer be requiring Annual Guardianship Reports from Title 14 guardians. The determination was made after careful review and consideration of the current law. The Court appreciates your care of the child(ren). The guardianship will continue to remain active unless ordered by the court or the child turns 18. The Court asks you continue to update your contact information and the contact information for the child(ren) any time there is a change in physical address or other contact information.

While an annual report is no longer required, any person may ask the Court to check-in on the welfare of the child(ren) in your care. In those circumstances, the Court may require you to give information on the wellbeing of the child(ren). A hearing may be set, if needed. A.R.S. § 14-5209(B)(5).

If questions or difficulties arise during the guardianship, you may provide information to the Court by filing a motion or request to the Court. If at any time you are no longer willing or able to be the child(ren)’s guardian or you feel the guardianship should be terminated, you must file a Petition for Termination of Guardianship with the Clerk of the Court. The petition may include a request to name another guardian in your place.

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Guardianship of a Minor Resources

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