Court Departments conduct workshops or classes to help individuals with various court processes. See the Law Library Resource Center ("LLRC") Events Calendar on this and other LLRC web pages.

Contact LLRC staff for more information about workshops and learning opportunities by calling 602-506-7353 or emailing

We welcome your workshop suggestions. To suggest a workshop topic, please email us at

Upcoming Workshops

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May Workshops offered by the Law Library Resource Center

May 6th, 2024

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Family Workshops

The Law Library Resource Center hosts free workshops regarding Family court forms and processes.  See the Events Calendar on this page for opportunities.  Information about these workshops can also be found here in English and Spanish.

The LLRC also hosts a Family Forms Clinic. ASU law students and attorneys from the Arizona Legal Center can help you fill out Family Court forms.  This Clinic has very limited space for pre-registration and walk-ins. See the Events Calendar on this page for dates and more details.

Probate Workshops

The Probate Department also has online tutorial videos and manuals you can view on Guardianship and Accounting.

Community-Based Legal Clinics and Workshops

In addition to the workshops provided by the Superior Court, the community offers many legal clinics and workshops throughout the year.  Upcoming events are listed on the Law Library Events Calendar on this page.



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