About CASA and its Volunteers

Part of a national organization and one of 15 local programs in the state of Arizona, the CASA of Maricopa County program supports court-appointed volunteers to provide critical advocacy for children in foster care due to abuse, neglect, or abandonment. This best-interest advocacy opportunity within Maricopa County's juvenile court is a shining example of how ordinary individuals can make an extraordinary impact on the lives of children.  

CASA volunteers research records and monitor the progress of the children and family throughout a dependency case and advocate for the children’s current and future needs in court, school, and agency meetings. A CASA volunteer’s independent evaluation allows the court to make better-informed decisions.

Becoming a Volunteer Advocate

Applying to become a CASA volunteer is an opportunity to make a significant impact in the lives of children in an overburdened child welfare system. Potential volunteers must meet certain requirements and undergo a thorough application process to ensure they are well-suited for this important role. The first step in making a difference starts when you submit your application.

Certification Requirements for Volunteers

Diverse resolution methods
Be a US citizen or permanent resident and at least 21 years of age
Diverse resolution methods
Complete an extensive interview and pass a thorough background check
Diverse resolution methods
Complete 30 hours of pre-service training
Diverse resolution methods
Commit to serving a case until permanency and travel throughout Maricopa County

Questions about becoming a volunteer?

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