The Family Department at the Judicial Branch of Arizona Superior Court uses Case Center for all evidentiary hearings and trials held by judges.

The Process

  • When a date is set for an evidentiary hearing or trial, the Clerk of the Superior Court will send litigants an email with links to register for Case Center and upload case exhibits including documents, images, videos, and audio files.
  • Lawyers and non-lawyer representatives must use Case Center.
  • A self-represented litigant may opt out by contacting the judge's division.

Equipment and Services

View a list of courtroom technology, devices, displays, and HDMI hook up capabilities by location.

View the Family Case Center Technology Matrix (PDF)


Scanners are available at each of the regional Law Library Resource Centers. Each scanner has an attached computer and instructions on how to upload exhibits into Case Center.

Courtroom Wi-Fi Access

Litigants using their own devices in a courtroom have two Wi-Fi options:

  • MCPublic is free Wi-Fi, available to any court user. No registration is necessary. MCPublic requires each user to log on every 90 minutes. MCPublic should be sufficient for most short evidentiary hearings/trials.
  • MCSponsored is free Wi-Fi available to any litigant/lawyer with an evidentiary hearing/trial scheduled to be held within 60 days. A user must register for MCSponsored Wi-Fi. The Family Department Administration will confirm that the requesting party has an upcoming hearing and submit the request.

Hearing participants may use either the court-provided devices or personal devices to view and present exhibits during an evidentiary hearing. Hearing participants can connect to the court's free MCPublic Wi-Fi for up to 90 minutes. For evidentiary hearings/trials longer than 90 minutes, Wi-Fi users may choose to register for MCSponsored Wi-Fi within 60 days of the hearing here:

Litigant access will be valid for 60 days. Lawyer and nonlawyer representative access will be valid for 365 days.

Court-Provided Devices

Hearing participants may either use the court-provided devices or personal devices to view and present exhibits during an evidentiary hearing. The court-provided devices have access to Case Center and Court Connect.


Training and Technical Issues

Visit the Arizona Supreme Court Digital Evidence Training Resources site for help with training and technical issues.

For additional assistance, contact the Administrative Office of the Courts by calling 602.452.3519 or 800.720.7743 (toll free), or emailing

Case Center Invitation Questions

Please send an email to with the case number in the subject line and information about your question or concern in the body of the email. Do not use this email for submitting exhibits.