Protective Orders

Welcome to the Maricopa County Superior Court Protective Orders website.
If you are in immediate danger, call 911.

The Protective Orders provides resources to help individuals understand and navigate the process of obtaining protection orders to prevent domestic violence or harassment.

Learn about the three types of Protective Orders:

Locations and Hours

  • civil court orders prohibiting a specific person from making contact with you such as coming near your home, work site, school, or other locations as listed on the order.
  • based on the relationship you have with the party you are seeking protection from.
  • issued by a judge and must be served by a police officer, deputy sheriff or process server.
  • effective for 12 months from service date.


  • restrain a defendant from committing acts of violence and harassment.
  • prohibit a defendant from contacting or coming into contact with you.
  • provide you with legal recourse if the person served with a protective order violates the order.


  • resolve landlord/tenant disputes.
  • change custody or visitation orders.
  • guarantee your safety.


Domestic Violence Forms

Paperwork for Orders of Protection, Injunctions Against Harassment, and Injunction Against Workplace Harassment are only available in the Protective Order Centers at the courthouse locations, and are not downloadable. For more information on protective orders, please see our Protective Order Center.

We do offer a form to file a request for a hearing. This downloadable Request for Hearing form should only be used if you are unable to go in person to one of the Protective Order Center locations to complete the form and you have spoken to Protective Order Center staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to general questions for obtaining protective orders.

Domestic Violence Advocates

Advocates are not attorneys and do not give legal advice, but they are available to speak to victims regarding questions concerning domestic violence and the process to obtain an Order of Protection or Injunction Against Harassment.

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