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Divorce, Legal Separation, Paternity, Child Support, and more

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Guardianship of an Adult, Conservatorship, Informal Probate, Adult Adoption, and more

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Restore Civil Rights, Set Aside Conviction, Reduce Class 6 Misdemeanor, Post-Conviction Relief, Seal Records, and more

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Civil Complaint, Name Change, Correct Birth Certificate/Marriage License, and more

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Emancipation, Dependency, Terminate Parental Rights, Guardianship of a Minor, and more

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Miscellaneous Forms

Deferral of Court Fees, Power of Attorney, Small Claims Property Tax, and other miscellaneous forms

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Orders of Protection

A protective order seeks to protect people from domestic or family violence, which includes but is not limited to:

  • Threats or Intimidation
  • Stalking or Cyber-Stalking
  • Physical, Sexual, Emotional, Economic or Psychological Abuse

A Domestic Abuse Advocate is available at our Downtown, Northeast, and Southeast locations.

Learn more about Orders of Protection Visit AZPOINT for Protective Orders Learn more about other Protective Orders Click for Emergency Quick Exit

Injunction Against Harassment

Harassment is defined as repeated attempts to annoy, alarm, or otherwise harass that serves on legitimate purpose.

Protective orders DO NOT guarantee safety.

If you are in immediate danger, call 911.

Learn more about Injunctions Against Harassment Learn more about Injunction Against Workplace Harassment Learn more about Protective Orders Visit AZPOINT for Injunctions Against Harassment

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