Vision, Mission, Values, and Goals Statements

Vision Statement

An agency of professionals committed to continuous improvement in the quality of community life by offering hope to neighborhoods, victims and offenders.

Mission Statement

To enhance the safety and well-being of our neighborhoods.
We accomplish this through:

  • Working in partnerships with the community to provide research based prevention and intervention services;
  • Assessing offenders’ risk/needs in order to help guide Court decisions and to apply the appropriate level of services;
  • Managing offender risk by enforcing Court orders, affording opportunities for pro-social change and expecting law-abiding behavior and personal accountability;
  • Building trust and empathy with victims and providing them with restorative services;
  • Recognizing and rewarding staff performance and achievement;
  • Creating a learning organization that enhances professional and leadership skills.

Values Statement


  • Promoting and maintaining a safe and healthy community;
  • Fostering productive relationships with our community partners;
  • Our staff as the greatest resource in accomplishing our mission;
  • Carrying out our duties in an ethical and empathetic way;
  • Treating people with dignity and respect;
  • The ability of clients to change and that the professional relationship between staff and client provide assistance, expect accountability, and can have a profound impact on successful outcomes;
  • Using proven and promising methods and technologies to assess and assist clients in changing their behavior;
  • Using strategies from established, as well as emerging research, to make strategic decisions.


  • Goal A - Crime Reduction
  • Goal B - Retention and Compensation
  • Goal C - Process Improvement
  • Goal D - Customer Service
  • Goal E - Solid and Sound Infrastructure


Michael Cimino
Adult Probation Chief
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