Pretrial Services Unit

After a person is arrested and taken into custody for allegedly committing a criminal offense, the Court determines release conditions at the Initial Appearance for that individual while the charges are pending.  Probation Officers assigned to the Pretrial Services Division’s Initial Appearance Unit provide information to the Court, including criminal history and a validated risk assessment, the Public Safety Assessment (PSA).  The PSA is used to identify the person’s risk to reoffend and the likelihood to attend future Court hearings, if released.  Probation Officers assigned to the Pretrial Services Division manage caseloads of individuals released to Pretrial Services who have been placed on either General Pretrial Supervision, or Electronic Monitoring, which includes a monitoring device being installed on the individual’s ankle to monitor the person’s movements in the community and further enhance compliance with the Court’s Release Order.

General Guidelines:

  • Release conditions may include supervision by Pretrial Services, which could include drug and alcohol testing, specific no contact orders for alleged victims, orders to not return to the scene of the alleged crime, any other restrictions as ordered by the Court, and Electronic Monitoring.
  • Pretrial Probation Officers monitor the person’s compliance with their conditions of release, as well as providing resources and reminders to attend all Court hearings.
  • Pretrial Probation Officers provide reports to the Court on an as-needed basis to inform the Court of the person’s compliance with the release conditions while on Pretrial Supervision and submit Bond Review Reports at the order of the Court, when the Court is reviewing secured bond decisions made at the Initial Appearance.
  • Pretrial Services is located in the South Court Tower building.


Brandelyn Jackson
Chief of Pre-Disposition & Assessment
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