Substance Use Treatment

Based on Court-orders, assessment results, and/or identified need, probationers are referred to attend treatment at one of the contracted treatment agencies in their area. Under the guidelines of "Best Practice", each treatment vendor uses Cognitive Behavioral principles to effect positive change in the participant's life. Through a continuing partnership between the treatment vendor, the Probation Officer and the Assessment Center, an effective plan of action is developed and progress monitored.

Typical Probationer Characteristics

  • Guilty of drug possession or drug use offenses
  • No jail time involved
  • Need for substance use counseling or drug education classes

Program Characteristics

  • Minimum co-pay based on ability to pay
  • Monthly progress reports sent directly to probation officer
  • Continuous contact with probation officer
  • Effective Cognitive Behavioral Treatment in a small group situation

Jason Walker
Chief of Specialized Services
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