Work Furlough Program

The Work Furlough Program provides the opportunity to eligible probationers to maintain or seek employment while in custody, assisting in their reintegration into the community.  Work Furlough Probation Officers work collaboratively with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO), the Courts (both family and criminal), Community Health Systems (CHS), as well as community stakeholders to provide probationers the opportunity to participate in the Work Furlough Program.

General Guidelines:

  • All cases are screened prior to acceptance (Presentence completes a preliminary screening)
  • Probation Officers monitor the probationers
  • Full-time employment is required
  • Employers/School personnel sign a Letter of Understanding indicating their knowledge regarding the Work Furlough Program, the probationers' rate of pay, and the work/school hours
  • The Work Furlough Officers provide the jail with the release hours to coincide with the probationers work hours and to accommodate the method of travel
  • Probationers are monitored for drug and alcohol use while in the program
  • Probationers must meet the medical requirements in order to participate
  • Must be at least 18 years of age. (The Sheriff's Office cannot accommodate juveniles)

Time Frames:

  • Employed - must have at least 30 days remaining on their sentence
  • Unemployed - must have at least 45 days remaining on their sentence
  • There is a five (5) day Job Search for those individuals who are employable
  • No 2-for-1 permitted


  • $125.00 initially. This fee is applied toward the Work Furlough fees
  • Fees consist of one hour's wage, plus a $3.00 administrative fee, minimum fee of $9.00 per day

Release Hours:

  • Generally - Maximum of 12 hours per day, maximum six (6) days per week
  • Cannot work out of a residence, for family members/friends. If self-employed, must provide last two (2) years income tax verification, business and tax licenses that apply
  • Not allowed to go home (Exception - first day may be allowed to get clothing and appropriate items)

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Chief of Specialized Services
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