E-File Cases

If your case has been designated for mandatory E-filing, you must E-file all pleadings except those specified in Administrative Order 2021-30, for your case.

Be sure that the Clerk of Court has an accurate record of the "Primary Attorney" on your case.
Documents must be filed in compliance with Administrative Order 2021-30.

Refer to Administrative Order 2021-30 Section #3 for documents that cannot be E-filed.

You must use an authorized E-filing Service Provider to use E-File.

The judicial division does not need a copy of the filing. The E-filing application will automatically route a copy of the filing to them.

If the pleading requires a filing fee, the fee will be assessed and billed to the filing party by the Billing Unit within the Clerk of Superior Court office.

E-Filings will not be printed and place in the hard copy case file. Therefore, it is important to realize that when viewing the hard copy case file it is necessary to view Electronic Court Record (ECR) to ensure you are viewing all documents filed on the case. Please consult the electronic record via ICIS and Onbase, to make sure you have seen all filings on the case.

To help case file users realize that E-filings exist on a case, the Clerk's Office will place a green E-file stamp on the outside of the case file folder when it is known that E-filings exist on the case.

When viewing ICIS docket, documents that had been E-filed, will be marked with a paper document icon with a red "E" on it. This is an indication to the user that the document will not exist in the hard copy case file in paper form.

The support phone number for E-File is (602) 37-clerk.


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