Early Resolution Conference

The Early Resolution Conference (ERC) is an opportunity for the parties to meet with a Family Law Case Manager (FLCM) who will review the relevant issues and assist with moving towards resolution. The FLCM will prepare paperwork and finalize agreements reached during the conference, including a Consent Decree so you can leave divorced (if applicable).

An ERC is scheduled following the filing of a Response and response fee. The Response is a written document that gives the Respondent a chance to reply and agree or disagree with the requests made in the Petition. Both parties must attend the conference otherwise one or both parties may be assessed a No Show Fee of $100.00 per person.

Both parties should plan on being at the Early Resolution Conference for 2-3 hours. Either party may request a continuance no less than 2 weeks in advance of the scheduled conference; if prior plans have been made (i.e., jury duty, pre-planned travel, etc.) you can request one by submitting the Request to Reschedule form. The form must be submitted with supporting documentation OR signatures from both parties. Emergencies can occur; emergencies may include hospitalization, severe illness or death in the family. On the Order to Appear, there is a number you can call in addition to submitting your written request.

Either party may request to appear by phone no less than 2 weeks in advance of the scheduled conference if they are unable to appear in person (i.e., residing out of state, traveling for work, etc.) by submitting the Request to Appear by Phone form. You must submit with supporting documentation OR signature of both parties.

To prepare for the ERC, the Resolution Statement that was attached to the Order to Appear must be completed and filed with with the Clerk of Court, and a copy forwarded to the Family Law Case Manager and to the other party 5 days in advance of the conference. Also, prior to the ERC, if no Order of Protection is in effect, the parties should meet and talk about possible settlements and be prepared to discuss those at the ERC.

The ERC is mandatory and there is a $100 No Show Fee per person for non-appearance.

Early Resolution Conference Frequently Asked Questions


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