Family Conference Center

The Family Conference Center allows public access to the courts for the enforcement of court orders concerning child support, spousal support, and parenting time. The Family Conference Center supports the Specialty Courts which consist of the following: Child Support Modification Court, Child Support Establishment Court, Support Enforcement Court, Support Non-Compliance Court, the Parenting Time Enforcement Court, and Order of Assignment Court by conducting conferences regarding the above mentioned matters and documenting the agreements of litigants.

Family Conference Center offers:


  • Enforcement of Child Support, Spousal Support and Arrearages - If support payments are not paid, are late
  • Enforcement of Parenting Time - If parents are interfering with court-ordered parenting time
  • Enforcement of Medical Insurance Coverage - If medical insurance premiums are not being paid
  • Enforcement of Uninsured Medical Expenses - Out of pocket medical expenses not being paid
  • Non-compliance - If you have already filed to enforce child support and your case is currently being monitored


  • Modification of child support - To change a current court order for support


  • Establishment of child support - To establish the initial order for child support

Order of Assignment Hearings

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