Conciliation Services: Parent Information Program

Pursuant to Arizona law (ARS § 25-351: "Domestic Relations Education on Children's Issues") the Superior Court in Maricopa County has implemented a Parent Information Program to provide information to divorcing parents, or parents involved in other domestic relations actions, concerning what their children may be experiencing during this emotionally difficult period.

Completion of the Parent Information Program is a requirement for all parents involved in a divorce, legal separation, or paternity case in which a party requests that the Court determine Legal Decision Making, Parenting Time, or child support. Parties involved in other types of domestic relations actions, such as modification or enforcement of Legal Decision Making or Parenting Time, as well as child support matters, may also be ordered to attend the Parent Information Program at the Court's discretion.

Please be advised that a Certificate of Completion will be e-filed with the Maricopa County Clerk of the Court by the approved class provider upon your completion of the class. This certificate will be available to the court within 5 to 7 business days after your successful completion of the class.

Approved Parent Information Program classes are offered by a number of community-based providers at various locations throughout Maricopa County as well as online.

The fee for the Parenting Information Program class is a maximum of $50.00 per person payable to the community-based provider. For more information about the Parent Information Program in Maricopa County, please call (602) 506-1561. For class information, click on the "Community-based providers" link in the above paragraph.

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