The Jury Commissioner will provide a link to the Arizona Jury Fund (AJF) Juror Claim Form to jurors who do not receive their full earnings while serving as a juror. Paid Time Off (PTO) or use of vacation pay is not considered a loss of income, and as such, does not qualify for AJF.

The Jury Commissioner will also explain the supporting documentation that must be returned with the completed form. Jurors requesting earnings replacement under the fund are required to disclose information about their regular earnings and any earnings they continue to receive while serving as a juror. Employer verification of lost earnings is required.

Reimbursement Amount

The Jury Commissioner will determine the amount of reimbursement a juror is eligible to receive from the Arizona Jury Fund. A juror who does not agree with the Jury Commissioner’s decision can ask to have the decision reviewed by the Presiding Judge.

Applicants have 30 days from the conclusion of the trial to submit a claim form. However, once you are in the court room for 1 trial day you are eligible to submit your claim.

Employer’s policy

If your employer does not have a written policy, please have your employer submit a statement regarding your jury service. The statement must be on company letterhead and indicate whether or not you are compensated for jury service, and if you are compensated, for how many days.

Partial pay from employer

In cases where an employer is willing to pay for some of the days an employee serves on jury duty (i.e., the first 5 or 10 days), reimbursement will be provided through Arizona Jury Fund.

Loss of Overtime

Jurors who receive their regular wages from their employer but will lose overtime pay must provide documentation of overtime worked on a regular basis to be reimbursed for that amount. To do so, please submit the last 6 check stubs you received prior to your first day of jury service.

Commissioned, self-employed, contract or temporarily employed jurors must provide documentation of their loss of income to receive reimbursement.

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