Juvenile Probation Department

The Maricopa County Juvenile Probation Department is responsible for the effective and efficient provision of Juvenile Justice Services.  Our administration and delivery of services aligns with and supports the Strategic Agenda of the Arizona Courts, recidivism reduction, and youth well-being through the application of Evidenced-Based Practices.

Our Vision is based on the informed experience of our staff and grounded in current evidence informed research.  This Vision includes the advancement of objective, structured decision-making, and system improvement initiatives aligned with our Values and in support of our Mission.

Our model Juvenile Justice System and Juvenile Probation will hold all youth accountable while recognizing their distinct developmental needs, reduce the risk of re-offending while maintaining youth well-being, and be fair through acceptable and understood processes therein legitimize our practices. 

Optimally, the majority of youth will be successfully diverted from the Juvenile Court, as most youth will self-correct with minimal formal involvement and supportive re-direction. Equally important, responses that include intensive levels of supervision, direct services and structure, including removal from the home or community, will be directed toward that smaller portion of identified youth that are determined to present an increased risk to public safety. 

We envision a future where all youth are connected to the community, contributing members of the community, and accountable for their behavior. 

Administrative Services Bureau

Executive Services and the Administrative Services Bureau (ASB) provide a variety of functions and services which support the entire Juvenile Probation Department, as well as the Juvenile Court. Executive Services includes the office of the Chief Juvenile Probation Officer and his team: Deputy Chiefs Michaella Heslin and Celena Angstead, Administrative Director Marliza Rivera, and Executive Assistant Jill Hiett. 

ASB is comprised of functional areas covering (but not limited to): Resource planning and coordination with Judicial Branch Finance and Human Resources; Innovations and Communication; Juvenile Justice Steering Council; Professional Standards; Research and Planning; Safety and Equipment; Staff Development; and Quality Assurance and Compliance.

Community Supervision Bureau

The Community Supervision Bureau provides Diversion (an opportunity to resolve matters without formal intervention of the Juvenile Court) and Community Supervision (monitoring and case management of court involved juveniles). These divisions provide objective assessments, monitoring and support of accountability expectations,  recommendations to the juvenile court, case planning, and supportive community supervision for juveniles. These functions include the coordination with other youth serving service providers and behavioral health services with the goal of behavioral change.

Detention Services Bureau

The Detention Services Bureau provides a safe and secure living place for juveniles who must be temporarily held in secure care to maintain the safety of the community or ensure appearance for court. This services include health care and assessments, educational services, positive programming activities and counseling services intended to support their success upon release. While secure care will be necessary for some juveniles, the Department believes in maintaining everyone's dignity and respect.

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