Reporting of Misconduct

Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)

The Maricopa County Juvenile Probation Department (MCJPD) believes in providing the highest level of safety and care to ensure fairness, dignity and respect for all juveniles. The application of federal law and the PREA standards supports this vision through the prevention, reduction and reporting of all forms of sexual abuse and sexual harassment in our detention facilities.

The Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) was enacted by Congress to protect persons who are within confined settings from sexual abuse and/or sexual harassment. MCJPD expects all youth to be free of any sexual abuse and/or sexual harassment by staff, contractors, volunteers and, other youth. MCJPD will support an environment wherein all youth are free from retaliation for reporting allegations of sexual abuse or sexual harassment. Consensual sexual contact is forbidden.


Persons or youth may report allegations of sexual abuse or harassment either in writing to the address below or may call the confidential reporting hotline below. Anyone that knowingly makes a false allegation of sexual assault or harassment may be criminally prosecuted and may be held civilly liable.

Maricopa County Juvenile Detention Services
Attn: PREA Compliance Manager 
1810 S. Lewis Street
Mesa, AZ 85120

Confidential Reporting Hotline: 1(888) SOS-CHILD


  • PREA Policy
  • I.B(8) Investigating Allegations of Misconduct
  • Arizona Juvenile Detention Standards

For copies please contact the PREA manager.

Third Party Reporting

  • Third Party Reporting Pamphlet
  • Third Party Reporting Form


  • Continue PREA Assessment Reviews: Quarterly Reviews will to continue to monitoring compliance with PREA Standards as prescribed by agency policy and PREA Standards.
  • Increase camera coverage: Camera assessment was completed by the PREA Compliance Manager and PREA Coordinator to determine the need of additional cameras. Assessment was submitted to agency's Detention Directors and the Deputy Chief of Detention Services for review.

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