Adoptions Unit

We strive to provide excellent customer service to customers on adoption-related cases. Some of the services adoption unit staff offer are:

  • blank fingerprint cards and instructions for JA and AC matters,
  • acceptance of completed fingerprints with appropriate payments on adoption matters for processing by Arizona Department of Public Safety, and,
  • explanation of general information about the adoption process.

Adoption cases are confidential and can only be discussed with the parties in the case. We cannot give out information over the phone regarding specific case because we are unable to verify identification over the phone. For questions about a specific case, you will need to email or visit the Adoptions Unit in person. To obtain additional information about a case regarding hearing date/time, status of a case or result of a ruling, a party to the case must come to the Adoption Unit in person and verify their identification. To obtain information about the Adoption Unit’s receipt of documents, you can email us or come to the Adoptions Unit in person. The Adoption Unit will make every effort to return emails within 24 hours (1 business day) for standard inquiries. However, extensive or unusual requests may take longer.

We can never provide legal advice, clarify judicial rulings, or advise whether or not a party needs to file a specific motion, notice or other document.

For more information, please read our juvenile adoption cases or our adoption certification cases section.

Adoptions Unit FAQ
Fingerprint FAQ

Contact Information

The Adoptions Unit can be reached:

Maricopa County Attorney's Office (MCAO)

Although it is not widely known, the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office handles uncontested adoptions at no cost. These uncontested adoptions include: Parent or other relative adoptions, Agency placed children adoptions, privately placed children adoptions, foreign adoptions, and foreign re-adoptions. For more information, contact MCAO at 602-372-5437.

Maricopa County Superior Court Law Library Resource Center

In the event of a stepparent adoption, the child must be legally free from only the non-custodial parent, and in all other adoptions, the child must be legally free from all parents. In both circumstances this is required whether the parent(s) location is known or not, whether their identity is known or not, or whether the parent is involved in the child’s life or not. For information regarding severance proceedings (requesting to terminate the legal rights of a parent), forms with instructions are available for free download from the Law Library Resource Center.

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Juvenile Presiding Judge
Juvenile Presiding Judge
Joseph Kreamer

Cheri Clark
Cheri Clark

Juvenile Court Administrator
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If you are a parent and need information about accessing JAX click here. 

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