Juvenile Adoption Cases

A Juvenile Adoption (JA) petition shall contain:

  • The full names, ages and place of residence of the petitioner and if married, the date and place of marriage and the relationship, if any, to the child.
  • The fact that a certificate of acceptability to adopt the child has been issued in favor of the petitioner and the date of its issuance, unless not required under ARS § 8-105.
  • The date when the petitioner acquired custody of the child and from what person or agency, or, if not in custody, the present custodial circumstances.
  • The date and place of birth of the child.
  • The name of the child or the fictitious name to be used in the proceedings and, if a change of name is desired, the name.
  • That it is the desire of the petitioner to adopt the child.
  • A full description and statement of the value of all property owned or possessed by the child.
  • Any reason that consent need not be given.
  • Full disclosure of any fees or anything of value given or paid to any person or organization in connection with the adoption. ARS § 8-114.

Any adult resident of this state, whether married, unmarried or legally separated is eliglible to qualify to adopt children. ARS § 8-103. The adoption of a child who is a member of a Native American Tribe or eligible for membership in a Native American Tribe is governed by the Indian Child Welfare Act.

Adoptions of adults are governed by ARS § 14-8101 and are handled through probate court. More information regarding adult adoptions is available at the Law Library Resource Center.

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