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  • Divorce
  • Legal Separation
  • Paternity
  • Child Support

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  • Guardianship of an Adult
  • Conservatorship of a Minor or an Adult
  • Small Estate Transfer
  • Informal Probate
  • Adult Adoption

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  • Restore Civil Rights
  • Set Aside Conviction
  • Reduce Class 6 Misdemeanor
  • Post Conviction Relief

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  • Civil Complaint
  • Name Change
  • Birth Certificate/Marriage License
  • Garnishment

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  • Emancipation
  • Dependency
  • Terminate Parental Rights
  • Guardianship of Minor

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Protective Orders

  • Order of Protection
  • Injunction Against Harassment
  • Injunction Against Workplace Harassment

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The Law Library Resource Center ("LLRC") has legal forms available in English and Spanish.  Forms are in pdf fillable format.  Some court forms are also available through ezCourtForms, a quick and easy user-friendly interactive computer software program.  

We are now offering in-person and remote forms assistance.  To see options and availability go here.  Estamos ofreciendo asistencia en persona y remota con los formularios judiciales. Haga clic aquí para conocer las opciones y la disponibilidad de asistencia.

Some domestic violence forms for Protective Orders are available online

Many court cases require several steps and many forms. Our forms come in "packets" of forms and instructions. Each step is a separate packet.  While we have forms and forms packets for many types of processes, we do not have forms for every need. Our legal research resources may have samples or information about other forms and procedures. Please see our Frequently Used Forms list for some of some general use forms.

Your completed papers must be filed at one of the Superior Court locations. There is usually a fee to file papers with the court, but it can be deferred or waived if you qualify. For information on filing fees and filing your papers, please see the Clerk of Superior Court website.

Before filing documents with the Court, consult a lawyer to help protect against undesired and unexpected results. The Court has a list of lawyers who can give you legal advice and who can help you on a task-by-task basis for a fee.  If you want to know more about our list of lawyers or are not sure that these forms and instructions apply to your situation, please refer to our Lawyers page. 

Getting Started

Court staff cannot give legal advice. If you need legal advice or help filling out forms, you have several options:

  • The LLRC is now offering in-person and remote forms assistance.  We can review your forms for blanks and required information.  We can help you understand what a form is asking. To schedule an appointment, go here.  El Centro de Recursos de la Biblioteca de Derecho (LLRC, por sus siglas en inglés) está ofreciendo asistencia en persona y remota con los formularios judiciales. Podemos revisar sus formularios para identificar los espacios en blanco e información requerida. También le podemos ayudar a comprender lo que se solicita en un formulario. Para programar una cita, haga clic aquí
  • The Court offers workshops on some court processes and forms.
  • The Self-Help and Educational Videos section below to see if there is an educational video related to the topic for which you need assistance.
  • The Legal Services section provides information on low-cost attorney referral resources and other legal resource information.
  • Contact an attorney from the Attorney Roster.


The files included within the Law Library Resource Center's website are copyrighted. Users have permission to use the files, forms, and information for any lawful purpose. The files and forms are not intended to be used to engage in the unauthorized practice of law. The Court assumes no responsibility and accepts no liability tor actions taken by the users of these documents, including reliance on their contents. All files are under continual revision. If you are not using these forms right away, or if you plan to use them repeatedly, we strongly recommend that you check the site regularly to determine whether the files you are using have been updated.

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