You may use the forms on this page if the following factors apply to your situation:

  • You have already filed, or at the same time you file these papers you will be filing, a "regular" request for modification of legal decision-making (legal custody) and/or parenting time, AND,
  • Someone is about to cause serious, immediate bodily harm to another person, or the health, safety, and welfare of a person is otherwise in serious and immediate jeopardy, AND,
  • You can give very specific facts about:

    • what the emergency is,
    • why the judge should hear your case before everyone else who has been waiting to see a judge,
    • why the situation is so serious that the Court should take someone's child(ren) away without providing:

      • advance notice explaining why, or
      • opportunity for the person to defend his or her rights to the child(ren), and

If it turns out that what you said is not true or filed without good legal reason, the judge may find you in contempt of court, order payment to the court or to the other party for costs or damages resulting from the wrongful filing of this Motion, or impose other sanctions.

WARNING. If your "Motion for Temporary Modification Orders Without Notice" is turned down at one Superior Court location, you may not use these forms to re-file your request at another location.

NOTICEEmergency Motions presented to Family Administration before 4:30pm will be addressed by a Judicial Officer by 5:00pm on the same day. Emergency Motions presented to Family Administration after 4:30pm will be addressed by a Judicial Officer by 12:00pm on the following business day. *Paperwork must be filed with the Clerk of Court prior to proceeding to Family Administration

Post-decree motion for temporary change of legal decision-making and/or parenting time without notice - Forms and Instructions - drmce1

Or download instructions and forms individually


Instructions: How to fill out the forms - drmce11i


Procedures: What to do after filling out the forms - drmce11p


Motion for Temporary Order Without Notice - drmce11f


Temporary Order Without Notice - drmce82f

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