To Change (Modify) Child Support using the Simplified Process ("Simplified Mod")

You may use the forms on this page if the following factors apply to your situation :
  • You have a Maricopa County child support order and you believe the amount you pay or receive should be changed, AND,
  • You have completed a "Child Support Worksheet" and the result for Item 35 is different from the amount of your current order by at least 15%, OR
  • You want to assign responsibility or change who is responsible for medical insurance. A modification of the medical assignment or responsibility does not need to vary by 15% or more from the existing child support amount. Typically, this procedure is used when there has been a change in the income of the parent(s), OR
  • There are two or more children and support is no longer owed for one child but is still owed for others.¬†¬†Typically, this procedure is used when there has been a change in the income of the parent(s).

Use the easy-to-use child support calculator at ezCourtForms to create a Child Support Worksheet, Child Support Order, and Current Employer Information form.


  • To change spousal support/maintenance (alimony);
  • If your order is from a court outside this county (unless an attorney has advised you to);
  • If the amount of the change in child support is not at least 15%;
  • If the reason you are requesting the change is because the living arrangements of the child(ren) have changed but the court order about Legal Decision Making (Custody) and parenting time has not.

Packets contain ALL forms and ALL instructions needed for this process. 

To change (modify) child support using the Simplified Process - Instructions and Forms - drmss1

Download Packet Descargar todos los formularios
or download instructions and forms individually
Notice to person filing paperwork - drmss10i
Instructions: How to fill out forms - drmss11i
How to complete a Child Support Worksheet - drs12h
Instructions to complete the Child Support Order - drs81i
Procedures: What to do after you have completed the forms - drmss11p
Petition to Modify - Simplified Process - drmss11f
Child Support Worksheet (use ezCourtForms) - drs12f
Child Support Order (use ezCourtForms) - drs81f
Current Employer Information Sheet (use ezCourtForms) - drs88f

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