To Terminate and/or Discharge Guardianship/Conservatorship of an Adult

You may use the forms on this page if the following factors apply to your situation :
  • A guardian and/or conservator has been appointed for a disabled adult, AND
  • The guardian/conservatorship is no longer needed and the Arizona case should be TERMINATED because:
    • the protected adult (the "Ward") died, or
    • moved out of state, or
    • is now able to conduct his or her own affairs, AND
    • the current guardian/conservator needs to be released from his or her legal duties (discharged),
  • There is still a need for a guardian and/or conservator but a person currently serving as court-appointed guardian and/or conservator needs to be "discharged" (released from his or her legal duties) because he or she:
    • is no longer able or willing to serve, or
    • should not be allowed to continue to serve.
  • You want a court order to release restricted funds or property to a disabled or protected adult.
  • Do NOT use this packet to terminate guardianship or conservatorship of a minor. Refer to separate forms and instructions to terminate or to discharge a guardian or conservator for a minor, including a minor who has turned 18.

Guardian/Conservator for an Adult: Discharge/Terminate / Release Funds - Instructions - PBGCDA1i

Download Packet Descargar todos los formularios

Guardian/Conservator for an Adult: Discharge/Terminate / Release Funds - Forms - PBGCDA1f

Download Packet Descargar todos los formularios
or download instructions and forms individually
Instructions for Completing the Petition to Discharge and/or Terminate (and release funds) - pbgcda11i
Procedures: How to Ask the Court to Discharge a Guardian/Conservator and/or Terminate Guardianship/Conservatorship - pbgcda10p
Petition to Discharge and/or Terminate and (if applicable) to Release Funds - pbgcda11f
Waiver of Notice of Hearing - pbgcd19f
Affidavit of Notice - pbgcd29f
Order discharging and/or Terminating and Releasing Restricted Funds - Adult - pbgcda81f
Receipt of Restricted Funds - pbgcd91f

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