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 Phone Numbers  Bi-Lingual

2-1-1 Arizona (Community Information and Referral Services)

dial 2-1-1 Yes

Area Agency on Aging

• Online only Yes Online only Yes 866.637.5341 Yes
• Arizona Legal Center free legal clinic 480.727.0127  No

• ASU Law Civil Litigation Clinic

Online only  
Community Legal Services 602.258.3434 Yes
Family Lawyers Assistance Project 602.506.7948 Yes
Free Legal Answers Online Only  
Law for Seniors - 866.637.5341 Yes
Law for Veterans - 866.637.5341 Yes
Law for Kids - 602.340.7366 Yes
Maricopa County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service 602.257.4434 Yes
Modest Means Project 1.866.637.5341 Yes
Probate Lawyers Assistance Project 602.732.2834 Yes
State Bar of Arizona - Member Directory Online only Yes
Unbundled Services Attorney Roster    

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