Maricopa County Regional Homeless Court

The goal of the Maricopa County Regional Homeless Court (MCRHC) is to resolve outstanding minor misdemeanor, victimless offenses and warrants for homeless individuals who demonstrate commitment to end their homelessness. MCRHC combines punishment with treatment and services in rigorous supervised rehabilitation programs which typically exceed the sentencing requirements of similarly convicted defendants adjudicated in the normal court process.

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Review the differences between Traditional Court and Homeless Court.

About the Process

The MCRHC is designed to help individuals address their underlying issues that may keep them from getting a drivers license, getting and keeping a job and leading a productive life. Learn the process of MCRHC.


Is MCRHC for me?

If you are committed to ending your homelessness, gaining self-sufficiency and have a low level victimless offense, this program could be for you. Find out if you qualify.


Karen Sadler
Maricopa County
Regional Homeless Court Coordinator

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