Success Highlights

Below are some successful testimonials of individuals who participated in the MCRHC.


Joe, homeless most of his life, always kept his guard up. When he landed in the Arizona Department of Corrections, his defensive ways continued for two years. However, the folks at the Lodestar Day Resource Center (LDRC) were waiting for him upon his release, and helped him stay clean and sober. They helped him choose to take ownership of the tasks presented to him. He was the first one to arrive in the morning and the last to leave at night. Things were looking up.

But there was one last obstacle: his legal issues. When his application to MCRHC was accepted, his excitement was tinged with concern. But when he appeared before Judge Kane, his public defender assured him, "Nothing bad can happen here today." His case worker helped him present the necessary paperwork, and when the judge signed it, everyone who knew him realized they had never seen Joe smile so big.


Mary and her five teenaged children escaped a domestic violence situation but ended up homeless. When they found their way to the UMOM shelter things started looking hopeful. She enrolled in Parenting, Life Skills and Budgeting classes. She also enrolled in school to complete her behavioral Health degree.

Then she went to Homeless Court. Because the barriers to employment were addressed, she got a job, saved some money and purchased a car (and insurance.) She found housing within her budget and is able to tackle the challenges of life without the previous overwhelming legal barriers.


When Tyrell arrived at Central Arizona Shelter Services (CASS), he was uncertain about many of the challenges facing him, but he was motivated to make real change. He grew up in a family of alcohol abuse and violence and ended up in the Florence Prison.

When he returned to Phoenix, he decided to face his legal issues. He quickly passed the GED and began working part-time at Tumbleweed and also volunteering and pursuing his hobby of art. The Homeless Court was able to resolve some of his fines and quash outstanding warrants.

Tyrell now has the freedom to continue in his new life, freed by the past he left behind. Many doors have opened to him, due to his hard work, and due to the help from programs such as Homeless Court. He is very appreciative towards all those in his path who have assisted him, and is very dedicated to helping others, and to being a positive role model.

Karen Sadler
Maricopa County
Regional Homeless Court Coordinator

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