Homeless Court Process

Qualified providers advise eligible homeless individuals that Maricopa County Regional Homeless Court (MCRHC) is a way to address outstanding warrants and certain unresolved court matters.

  1. The provider submits an application to the MCRHC on behalf of the applicant once the applicant has been accepted into a provider program (providers have different program requirements but most include sobriety, housing, treatment, counseling, progress towards employment and community service hours).
  2. MCRHC receives the application and refers charges to appropriate Municipal/Justice Courts in Maricopa County for approval.
  3. If approved, the case is scheduled to be heard in MCRHC, once the applicant has met the program and community restitution requirements.
  4. Cases are combined and all charges are heard together at one time if the coordinator and program provider are in agreement, the cases can be heard in a piecemeal fashion if appropriate.
  5. The applicant comes to MCRHC with their case manager and reports on their program participation.
  6. If appropriate, the Judge quashes relevant warrants, fines and fees in exchange for completed community service hours.
  7. Cases are closed and legal barriers are removed.

Karen Sadler
Maricopa County
Regional Homeless Court Coordinator

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