Volunteers are Needed

Court Visitors serve as the court's eyes and ears, by visiting adult persons under guardianship to see whether they appear to be receiving appropriate care. Court Visitors report their findings to the court for appropriate action. As a volunteer, you will receive initial training and ongoing support from the court.

We invite you to consider serving as a Court Visitor. If you are interested in becoming a Court Visitor, please fill out the enclosed application. Please feel free to call 506-8200 or email us at grp@jbazmc.maricopa.gov.

The Guardianship Review Program is administered by Court Staff at several office sites around Maricopa County.

Volunteer Information

The Court Visitor's job is to monitor incapacitated individuals who have been placed under guardianship and whose care is the responsibility of court-appointed guardians. This important monitoring function enables the court to have first-hand information about these vulnerable people.

  • The Court Visitor is assigned a new case each month
  • Reviews and updates necessary information
  • Contacts the Guardian
  • Visits the incapacitated person at their residence or day program
  • After the visit - a report is filled out and submitted to the court, indicating the status of the individual
  • Communicates recommendations for action needed, to the GRP Supervisor
  • The Volunteer's report is reviewed by court staff to determine what actions are necessary
  • Complete orientation and training
  • Arrange a mutually agreeable time to receive and discuss assignments
  • Review assigned guardianship cases
  • Contact the guardian, visit the incapacitated person, speak with any caregivers and review record information
  • Complete and submit case report forms with observations and recommendations
  • Follow up on cases as requested by GRP Program Coordinator
  • Complete assignments in a timely manner, according to court procedures
  • Complete mileage forms for mileage reimbursement, if desired
  • Notify the GRP Program Coordinator of any problems discovered


  • Resourceful person with good investigative skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Willingness to learn court procedures and abbreviations used in record keeping
  • Good listening skills, friendly, patient, and tactful
  • Ability to work cooperatively with a wide variety of individuals, including people with significant physical and mental impairments and varying socioeconomic backgrounds
  • Willingness to complete case reports on forms provided by the court
  • Ability to hold information in confidence
  • Strong desire to help people and to further the goals of the Guardianship Review Program
  • Willingness to provide own transportation to make visits
  • Ability to pass a background check


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