Open and Continuous Solicitations

190148-ROQ Language Services: Interpreting; Transcription/Translation; American Sign Language

This solicitation is for the Judicial Branch of Arizona in Maricopa County (Court) and Maricopa County (County) departments, to obtain responsive and responsible, qualified interpreters and transcriptionists and/or translators, to provide Spanish and Lesser-Used Languages (LUL) interpretation for litigants and court users with Limited-English Proficiency (LEP). 

The Court/County needs Spanish and LUL interpreters to provide assistance to LEP individuals in all case types and in a variety of settings, including but not limited to: initial appearances; arraignments; pre-trial hearings; trials; sentencing hearings; settlement disputes; attorney/client interviews; pre-sentence investigation interviews; post-conviction matters; counseling/treatment services; meetings with probation officers; arbitration; mediation; expedited visitation; parent information classes; conciliation; and other assignments/services as needed/ordered.

Transcription and/or translation services are used in a variety of areas, including but not limited to: audio/video recordings or police and forensic interviews, 911 calls, confrontation calls, jail video visitations, body worn camera footage, undercover recordings, wire taps, court documents, affidavits, letters, forms, transcripts, and brochures.

American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation and transcription/translation services are provided for litigants and court users who are deaf and/or hard-of-hearing, and/or blind.

Qualified Offerors shall be placed on the Qualified Roster List, if awarded a contract, and their services shall be used based on demand, skills, and experience.  The Court/County reserves the right, during the term of the contract, to assign tasks on an as needed basis; the contract does not guarantee any minimum or maximum amount of assignments.

It is highly recommended that all interpreters wanting to submit an offer to this solicitation be credentialed through the Arizona Court Interpreter Credentialing Program ( as the Court/County are expected to show a preference for Tier 3 and/or Tier 4 level interpreters whenever contracting with freelance interpreters.

Contract term:

The term of the contract is from the commencement of the original contract issued February 15, 2019 through February 28, 2024, regardless of when you were awarded a contract.

Solicitation Calendar:

Submissions will be swept for review and evaluation on a quarterly basis (close of business on the last day of the quarter):

  1. 1st Quarter (July – September)
  2. 2nd Quarter (October – December)
  3. 3rd Quarter (January – March)
  4. 4th Quarter (April – June).

Award of contract shall be dependent upon: 1) Review, Evaluation, and Acceptance of Offeror’s submission of required documents; 2) Receipt of Offeror’s Certificate of Insurance, as per the coverage amounts listed within the contract (see draft contract); 3) Successful fingerprint/background checks through Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) via the Court’s Procurement department; and 4) Vendor registration through Maricopa County Vendor Self Service (VSS) portal.

If you are an independent interpreter but are not willing to procure the required insurance coverages as per the contract, you may submit a formal request via email for the listing of awarded interpreting agencies to choose to work as a subcontractor.

Requirements for submission to solicitation:

  1. You shall download all of the documents listed under Solicitation Documents.
  2. Using the 190148 Solicitation Instructions and 190148 Instructions for Preparing Solicitation Response, you shall provide all response documentation exactly per those instructions. Failure to comply will result in the rejection of your offer.
  3. You shall provide requested documentation in Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and/or Adobe .pdf formats; if submission is in any other format, it is not guaranteed to be opened and thus your response/submission may be deemed unresponsive.
  4. You shall provide documentation responses as separate documents (i.e., separate file document for the response to the Offeror’s Questionnaire; separate file document for the signed draft contract; etc.); if submission is sent as one file with all of the required submission documents instead of separate files for each document, your response may be deemed unresponsive.
  5. You shall provide a notice of intent to procure the required insurance coverages as per the contract.
  6. Any inquiry related to a solicitation, including any requests for or inquiries regarding standards referenced in the solicitation shall be directed solely to the Procurement Officer via email at: JBProcurement@JBAZMC.Maricopa.Gov. The email for clarification shall contain the solicitation number (190148) in the subject of the email.  The Offeror shall not contact or direct inquiries concerning this solicitation to any other Court employee.  The Court shall consider the relevancy of the inquiry but is not required to respond in writing.
  7. All solicitation submissions shall be sent to the email address listed in above item #4.

Solicitation Documents:​



Joe Guy
Procurement Manager
Contact Judicial Branch Procurement Office

The Court may, for select services, allow for open and continuous solicitations. This means that during the term of the contract, additional vendors may be added without the release of a formal solicitation, provided that the Offerors abide by the solicitation instructions.

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