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Many people who enter the criminal justice system interact with the Maricopa County Adult Probation Department at some point during the Court process. Our Pretrial Services Units monitor and offer assistance to individuals when they are pending charges.  Our Presentence Units provide comprehensive reports to the Court containing pertinent information about the defendant, including valuable information and statements from victims, as well as sentencing recommendations.  Our Unsupervised Units monitor the cases of probationers who were placed on unsupervised probation, but who still have obligations to fulfill.  Our Supervision Units utilize available resources and  intermediate sanctions to assist probationers  with Substance Use, Education, and necessary Referrals.

The Adult Probation Department believes that behavior change will lead to crime reduction.  Therefore, we offer many programs and services to help defendants and probationers address and overcome challenges they are presented with so they may lead successful, crime-free lives.  By focusing on criminogenic risk and needs areas that lead to recidivism, the Adult Probation Department is able to assist individuals in attaining prosocial lives.  Research has proven that if defendants and probationers make needed changes in the most critical criminogenic risk and needs areas, including relationships, thoughts, and beliefs, they will have a lower risk to reoffend, therefore making the community a safer place for everyone.

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Victim and Community Information

In addition to the services provided to defendants and probationers, the Adult Probation Department provides assistance to the victims of those who are on probation. Victims are often entitled to restitution, and our Victim Services Unit assists victims in obtaining necessary information to opt-in for important case-related notifications.

Further, the Adult Probation Department helps the community by way of resources for family members, education centers available to the public, and the completion of neighborhood community restitution projects.


Read our Vision, Mission Statement, Values and Goals, and view the Organizational Chart, (printable version), of the Adult Probation Department.

The Adult Probation Department offers exciting and rewarding career opportunities for those who like to help people and communities. Please view our recruitment videos for more information.

For news around the department, please refer to the Chronicle, the Adult Probation Department's newsletter.

The Adult Probation Department's Annual Report is also available to view online.


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