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Next Court Orientation for Dependent Youth (CODY)


Date: March 13, 2024, 4:45 PM
Location: 3131 W. Durango St. Phoenix, AZ 85009

CODY Flyer for download (PDF)

CODY is an opportunity to come to court and meet all the players in the Dependency court process and ask questions. The in-person event will be every two months and switch between Durango and the Southeast Courthouse. Use this form to sign up for the event.

Space is limited so sign up fast. We also have a Virtual CODY on this page to get an idea of what the in-person one will look like and view the workbook you will get at the event.

Youth between the age of 12-17 and their guardian must come together. We will meet in the courtroom and then have pizza and drinks. We will listen to a representative from ADE talk about the youths right and have a social time to share and ask questions. Come have fun with us learning about the dependency process and know that court is all about the youth’s best interest.

Registration Form For March 13, 2024

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Name of youth (12-17) being brought to the in-person CODY
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CODY Leadership

Hon. Lori Bustamante

Presiding Judge

Paula Collins

Department Administrator

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