Emergency management is the managerial function implemented to avoid risks, either natural or manmade, that could impose catastrophic consequences for our Judicial Branch facilities. This includes a dynamic process of preparing for, mitigating, responding, and recovering from an emergency. Here at the Judicial Branch, we view an emergency to be any unplanned event which has potential to cause significant injuries to the public, disrupts court operations, or causes physical and/or environmental damage.

A crucial component of our emergency response procedures involve evacuation plans for our courts. If at any point an alarm should sound, all visitors should evacuate the facility in a calm and orderly manner. Visitors should follow the directions of Judicial Branch Security Officers who will direct you to a predesignated staging area away from the facility. Judicial Branch Security Officers will make notifications to all visitors when it is safe to return to the facility. Be aware, all visitors will be screened again upon re-entry to the facility.

Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are located at each security screening post and Judicial Branch Security Officers are trained in the use of this equipment if the event of a medical emergency arises requiring deployment of one. 

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